nedelja, 26. junij 2011

It's the words you never said, that hurt the most.

I don't fear insects or spiders. At great heights, I jump off, smiling. In the face of death I wink. But, when I look into your eyes, I fear how much I love you.

My phone lies beside me as I sleep;
Just in case you change your mind.
Just in case you want to talk.

I'm never as good as when you're here.

Just once I want my heart to lead me somewhere where there's a chance of a happy ending.

 Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.

petek, 17. junij 2011

You'd be the only chance I'd take.

I wish you were here, but you're not here, you're there. And there doesn't know how lucky it is.

You say you will never forget me. Of course you never will. Hell I'm the best thing that ever happened to you.

And in the middle of all this, I started to think about the one thing that makes me feel really good and makes immediate sense, and it's you.

Because when I'm around him, the sky's a different blue.

And then it happened, it took me by surprise.
 I knew that you felt it too by the look in your eyes.

petek, 10. junij 2011

"I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it."

~Audrey Hepburn quotes~

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person."

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. "

"For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others."

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." 

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It's the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years." 

torek, 07. junij 2011

Sometimes we need to hold our heads up high, blink away the tears, and just say goodbye

So since I'm not your everything
How about I'll be nothing...
Nothing at all to you.

Baby I wont shead a tear for you, I won't lose a wink of sleep.
Cause the truth of the matter is: replacing you is so easy.

How does it feel to be unnoticed by the person you notice the most? It's as if you were
offering your most beautiful portrait to a blind person.

Unfortunately, the heart was made to be broken.

There's so many changes in my life. But... you're always on my mind.

petek, 03. junij 2011

Just the thought of you can drive me wild; oh, you make me smile.

Dear brain, sorry for overloading you with thoughts of him.

Dear tummy, sorry for all the butterflies.

Dear pillow, sorry for all the tears.

Dear heart, sorry for all the damage.

Dear me, sorry for being head-over-heels in love with him.

četrtek, 02. junij 2011

Dear Heart, why him?

Dear Weatheryou don't need to show off... I know you're hot. 

Dear Cupidwe need to have a little talk about your aim.

Dear Life
when I said "can my day get any worse" it was a rhetorical question not a challenge!

Dear Food,
either stop being delicious or stop making me fat.

 Dear Tummy,
I'm sorry for all the butterflies I've been getting. 
But you see, it's just not my fault.
It' his, I swear.