ponedeljek, 11. april 2011

I don’t care if they talk about me, I enjoy the sound.

Everyone's entitled to be stupid... But you are abusing the privilege.

Never explain; your real friends don't need it,
& your enemies won't believe you anyways.

Hey look on the bright side...
not everyone hates you as much as I do.

A friend wonders about your romantic history
but a best friend can blackmail you with it.

 I am sorry bitches I'm not going anywhere...oops, I'm not really sorry! 

2 komentarja:

  1. I love your blog!You have inspired me to make my own.Now i will alwasys and every day write on it about my day (maybe) :D i just love you!!!

    1. @missCuteiePie hvala (sem zdaj na tvojem blogu videla, da si Slovenka), sem vesela in upam, da ti bo bloganje všeč. :)