sobota, 13. avgust 2011

If he doesn't treat you like a princess, then he doesn't deserve to be your prince!

Keep on running, keep on running and nothing works, I can't get away from you.

I consider myself a crayon..I might not be your favorite color, but one day youre going to need me to complete your picture.

And this is just how it has to be. Because its a deadly combination, you and me. You know its undeniable. Even though we tried it all, we brought the worst out in each other. What doesn't kill you, it makes you stronger. Even though I'm going to miss you, I'll forget it and let you go.

Theres not much more to discuss. There's you and me, but there's no us.

It's crazy, right? To love someone who's hurt you.
It's crazier to think that someone who's hurt you, loves you.

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