sreda, 14. marec 2012

My first year of blogging.

It’s been one year since I started this precious blog of mine. And over the past year so much has happened. The good and the bad, the nice and the mad, happy and sad. It has all been there. And this blog was always here for me. When I wanted to just clear my head, cheer myself up, share my thoughts, my feelings. And you were here too. Reading, observing and leaving me messages. I am so grateful for that.

Let me just remind you of the words some wise man said, something about knowledge being our treasure... And what better knowledge to give, than some little fun facts and statistics about my blog. So here it goes:

I started this blog on sunny Monday 14/3/2011. In this year it got over 43,000 visitors. If I’d get a dollar for every one of that visit… Well it would be amazing. But I am so grateful for each and every visitor that stopped by. You all made my day and I love you all so much.
In first year I made 107 posts. That was very much on purpose because 107 is my favorite prime number (except it’s not really). You visited me from all over the World (148 Countries). The internet really brings us all together. :)

And finally these are the most-read posts:

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