nedelja, 28. december 2014


So today was a normal day. Well, it was until I wrote a post on Tumblr about how much I look forward to seeing Taylor Swift in less than 6 months and few minutes later this happened:

I can't even begin to describe how much this means to me. I loved Taylor for many years and just to be noticed by your favourite artist and someone you have been looking up to for all these years ... It is priceless. Taylor is such an amazing songwriter, singer and most of all, she is such an amazing person. Kind, loving, down to earth, always there for her fans (giving advice to her fans on Instagram and Tumblr, sending them gifts, inviting them to her houses for secret listening sessions, free meet&greets ... I mean, who does that?). She really is one beautiful human being and I am so happy for being noticed by her. 

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